Catholic Faith

Faith Education


In Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, our faith is celebrated in all we do.  It is who we are. Our liturgical calendar invites us to recognize events in the Church, and to celebrate their meaning, especially Christmas and Easter. In a Catholic School, faith is a regular part of the school day.  Although there are many opportunities for prayer throughout the day, and throughout the seasons, this is certainly not the only occasion to bring faith into the classroom. The physical environment in our schools reflects our beliefs and helps to display what we hold to be true and valuable.

At École Father Jan, we use Jesus as our guide in building and maintaining positive relationships. All we do is rooted in his life and teachings. Students learn through experiences with their minds, hearts and spirits, and our staff model Christ in words and actions.

Division motto : « Faith in our students » 

École Father Jan Mission Statement

Chez nous à l’École Father Jan, we are a unique family of life-long learners; developing the whole child, while sharing the gift of the French language through a nurturing and respectful Catholic / Christian environment. Together we celebrate learning in the light of the Spirit.

Chez nous à l’École Father Jan, notre famille apprend pour la vie; élevant les enfants tout en partageant la langue française et en respectant un environnement catholique et chrétien. À la lumière de l’Esprit, célébrons l’apprentissage.

École Father Jan Staff Core Values:

Love Children

Take Care of Parents

Improve Your Practice Through Life-Long Learning

Model Christ In All That You Do

Show Enthusiasm For the French Language and Culture