Safe and Caring Environment

Allergy Alert

We know that serious allergies have the potential to trigger anaphylaxis. Allergens are varied, and so the school response allows for flexibility to accommodate for the child's needs.

We ask children and families to avoid all peanut and nut products in the school. This does limit certain foods from the lunch menu, but these products have been identified as causing some particularly serious reactions, even in minute quantities. New allergens have been identified in the last few years, and so teachers have been instructed to speak to parents to ensure a safe environment for all children. Families with a child with serious medical condition are asked to fill out a medical information form, and are asked to speak to the teacher to decide on a plan of action. Based on the conversation and the severity of the reaction, the teacher may choose to write a note or to speak to all other families to ensure less risk that the child comes in contact with the allergens.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone while ensuring that all children feel included in the community. We do not condone the exclusion of children from classroom activities; any parent bringing in a surprise treat is asked to check with the teacher about any allergies in the class. We also encourage the family to provide a special treat that we can keep at the school in the event that there is a treat in the classroom that the child cannot enjoy. A family may pre-order from Grandin Bakery in order to ensure nut-free baking.

École Father Jan promotes the use of MedicAlert for families who wish to alert first responders in the event of a serious medical situation. Our staff receive regular inservicing on proper response to anaphylaxis.

Inclement Weather Policy

Winter Dress

Please ensure your child is wearing a warm coat, mitts and toque to school.  Have your child pack extras in their backpack; those mitts and toques just seem to walk away at times.  Students go out for all recesses unless the temperature is below -20C including wind chill.  Please check out the “Inclement Weather” policy.

Parking - Safety over Convenience

Thank you, parents, for respecting the student drop-off and pick-up areas.  Students may be dropped off or picked up in the following areas:

  • the parking lot across Mission Avenue
  • the tennis court parking lot
  • 15 feet beyond the crosswalk, on the north side of Mission Avenue (*** only before school or when buses have left after school)

***Please remember that the staff parking lot and the front of the school are no parking areas between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  There are also other areas with no Parking, please be respectful of these areas.  Please review with your child the need to use the designated crosswalks.  We ask that you also be the role model for your child by using the crosswalks.   

Thank you for helping us to keep our students safe.  Should have any questions or concerns in regards to student drop off or parking, please speak to administration.

RCMP Ask Drivers to Respect the Law

St. Albert RCMP is reminding all Drivers that even when mornings are rushed, all traffic laws must be obeyed.  Common problems that the RCMP is seeing are:

  • Backing up unsafely or interfering with traffic – people pulling into residential driveways and backing out into traffic = $115 fine
  • Make U-turns in urban area between intersections – people dropping off their children and then pulling a U-turn to leave the area in the opposite direction = $115 fine
  • Stop or Park within 1.5 meters from driveway = $57 fine
  • Stop or Park where prohibited by traffic control device (signs) = $57 fine
  • Stop or park on roadway side of motor vehicle parked or stopped at curb or edge of roadway (double parking) = $57 fine
  • Stop or park within 5 meters of a fire hydrant = $57 fine
  • Stop or park within 5 meters of a marked crosswalk = $57 fine

This all means drivers cannot stop or park next to small boulevards where they are too close to crosswalks, fire hydrants and driveways.  Please plan your day to give you extra time to find legal parking areas and then walk your child to school.

If the signs at the school indicate pickup or drop off, you are not to leave your vehicle.  Your child gets out and walks to the school and you pull away.

Simpler yet, send them on the school bus.  The goal is to get all students to and from school safely – no matter how rushed anyone is.