EFJ School Council Operating Procedures

School Council Operating Procedures

Ecole Father Jan School Council

Operating Procedures

Adopted:  January 21st, 2014


The Ecole Father Jan School Council derives it’s authority to participate in the education of our students through Alberta Provincial Legislation, specifically Section 22a of  the Schools Act and the School Councils Regulation which supports it.

Ecole Father Jan Mission Statement
To provide an advisory role in order to foster the well-being and effectiveness of our School, the School Community, and to enhance our student’s learning.


In these Operating Procedures:

    1. “School” means Ecole Father Jan;
    2. “Council” means the School Council for the School;
    3. “Parents” means parent, guardian or primary caregiver of any child attending an educational program at the School; 
    4. “Regulation” means the School Councils Regulation under the School Act;
    5. “School Community” means stakeholders who have, in the opinion of the majority of the members of the Council, an interest in the well being of the School.
    6. “School Board” means Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board.


The goals of the Council, in keeping with the School Act and the School Councils Regulation, are to:

  • Represent the School Council's perspective by providing input to and consulting with the principal and the board on matters relating to the school such as: the school philosophy, mission and vision, policies, improvement plans, programs and directions, and budget allocations to meet student needs;
  • To provide advice and consultation to the principal and staff on issues of educational importance such as school philosophy, mission, vision, policies, programming, communications, community relations, the school Three-year Strategic Education Plan, and budget allocations to meet student needs.
  • Stimulate continuous improvement in meaningful involvement by all members of the school community;
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication among participants of the school community;
  • Keep the School Board informed—in cooperation with the principal—of the needs of the school;
  • Encourage a positive environment where contributions are encouraged and valued
  • Adhere to School Council’s Code of Conduct


(a) Ecole Father Jan School Council shall adhere to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

(b) Ecole Father Jan School Council shall not share personal information for purposes other than those of School Council business.

Town Hall Model
Ecole Father Jan School Council uses a Town Hall Operating Style

  1. The School Council is generally composed of the following members:
    • The parents of students enrolled in Ecole Father Jan
    • The principal of Ecole Father Jan
    • Teachers of Ecole Father Jan School
    • Other Decided on ie: school community

The voting members of School Council shall consist of:

a. Parents attending the council meeting

The non-voting members of the School Council shall consist of:

a. Principal, teacher, trustee and community members

  1. The parent/administration ratio may vary at times, but the number of parents should always exceed the number of administration representatives. 


Town Hall Model

  1. An Executive Committee will be formed at the last meeting of the year for the purpose of carrying out the day-to-day operation of the School Council.
  2. The positions of the Executive Committee shall consist of:
  • Chairperson
  • Vice chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

May also include:

  • Co-Chair
  • Co Vice Chair
  • Past Chairperson
  • Combined Secretary\Treasurer role

a)     All Executive positions must be filled by parents of students enrolled at Ecole Father Jan 

b)     Every member of the School Council and/or parent of a student enrolled at Ecole Father Jan or of children in the Early Childhood Services Program is eligible to be elected to an executive position on School Council.

c)     The terms of office are from the annual election to the next.

d)     The Executive Committee of School Council can be elected by parents of students enrolled at Ecole Father Jan attending the Election meeting or at the first School Council meeting by School Council members.

  1.     The Executive Committee will provide the agenda for the general meetings and circulate minutes of the same.
  2.     An Executive member may withdraw at any time during their term of office by notice in writing to the Chair and the Principal, or if the withdrawing member is the Chair, by notice in writing to the Vice Chair and the Principal.


Any vacancies of the School Council will be advertised to the parent community.  Elections for vacant positions will be held at subsequent regular meetings of School Council until the vacancy is filled.


Chairperson  It is expected that the School Council Chairperson will be a parent of a student attending the school

The Chairperson of the School Council will:

  • Chair all meetings of the School Council
  • Coordinate with the principal to establish meeting agendas
  • Communicate with the principal on a regular basis
  • Call regular School Council meetings
  • Decide all matters relating to rules of order at the meetings
  • Follow existing School Council operating procedures
  • Ensure that minutes are recorded and maintained
  • Have general supervision of all activities of the School Council
  • Be the official spokesperson of the School Council
  • Ensure there is regular communication with the school community, beyond those who attend meetings
  • Stay informed about school board policy that impacts School Council
  • Prepare an annual report in conformance with the Regulations

  Vice Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson of the School Council will:

  • In the event of resignation, incapacity or leave of absence of the Chair, fulfill the Chair’s responsibilities
  • In the absence of the Chair, supervise the affairs and preside at any meetings of the School Council
  • Work with and support the Chair in agenda preparation
  • Promote teamwork and assist the Chair in the smooth running of the meetings
  • Keep informed of relevant school and school board policies
  • Aid the Chair and undertake tasks assigned by the Chair


The Secretary of the School Council will:

  • Act as a recorder at each meeting and ensure the minutes accurately reflect the directions agreed to at the School Council meeting
  • Keep minutes, correspondence, records and other School Council documents
  • Ensure notice of meetings and other School Council events is distributed.
  • Give notice of any special meetings.
  • In the absence of the secretary, the School Council shall choose a recording secretary for the meeting.


The Treasurer of the School Council will:

  • Keep accurate records of all financial transactions
  • Ensure that records are available upon request of the school board or public.
  • Be responsible for the deposits of all monies paid to the School Council in whatever bank, trust company, credit union or treasury branch the School Council may order
  • Present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the School Council whenever requested by the School Council and prepare the financial statements for the annual report.
  • Supervise the affairs and preside at any meetings of the financial committee
  • Have signing authority on any financial accounts together with the other designates from the fundraising society.

 Past Chairperson

The Past Chairperson of the School Council will: 

  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the new School Council
  • Act in the absence of both the chair and vice-chair



  1.     Regular Meetings

A minimum of five (5) regular School Council meetings will be held per school year or as called by the Executive.  It will be decided when these meetings will take place at the Annual General Meeting.  The meetings will take place at Ecole Father Jan.

  1.     Special Meetings
    1. A special meeting can be called in the case of an urgent matter that has come before the school that cannot wait until the following general meeting.
    2.  A minimum of five (5) members of the School Council may at any time give notice of a Special Meeting of the School Council.  The notice will be given in the manner determined by the School Council Executive and must be given at least fourteen (14) days before the meeting.  The notice will state the time, date and place of the meeting, the names of the five (5) or more School Council members calling the Special Meeting, and will describe the matters to be dealt with. 
    3. At any Special Meeting all School Council members in attendance at the Special Meeting shall  have the right to vote.


1. Where a School Council hasn’t been operational the year prior, the Annual General Meeting will be held in accordance to Section 3 of the School Councils Regulation.

2. An Annual General Meeting of the School Council will take place once each school year.

3. The Annual General Meeting of the School Council will be held within thirty (30) school days after the start of the school year or at an appropriate time during the school year as determined by the Council.

4. The meeting will be advertised throughout the School and the School Community at the beginning of the school year or as such date decided by Council by twenty (20) School days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting or a minimum of twenty (20) School days.

a)     The election of Council members will take place at the last council meeting of the year.

b)     All parents above are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting

c)     The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:

1)     motion to accept a financial statement of the previous year;

2)     plans and budget for the upcoming year;

3)     discussion of any major issues on which parents should have input, such as:

- changes to the vision or mission statement of the School or School Council;

-  major changes in the school program or focus


  • The Chair and or executive will work in partnership with the principal to establish the agendas for all meetings.  Agenda item requests must be made through the Chair, who will, if necessary, consult with the Executive and principal as to the appropriateness of the item requested. 


1. Quorum will be attained when the majority of attendees are School Council members and 50% of the Executive is in attendance.

2.In the absence of a quorum,

(a)  No motions may be considered or approved

(b)  If a majority of School Council Members at the meeting agree to proceed in the absence of a quorum, the School Council will continue the meeting for purposes of discussion of issues, but point (a) above will continue to apply.


a)     The Council may appoint committees that consist of Council members or others from the School Community or both with either delegated or advisory responsibilities.

b)     The Executive Committee shall be responsible for providing advice and direction to any committee on Council.

c)     Committees meet outside of regular Council meetings to complete their assigned tasks and present a report of their activities at Council meetings.


Ecole Father Jan School Council may make and implement policies in the school that the School Council considers necessary to carry out its functions.

1)     The school council may develop policy for the duration of their term.

2)     The policies of the School Council will be reviewed at the beginning of every new School Council term to decide if each policy will be implemented for the new School Council and its term.

3)     Topics on which School Council may wish to develop guiding policies include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication: Internal and External
  • Record Keeping
  • Fundraising
  • Privacy
  • Location of Meetings
  • Official Correspondence Address
  • New Member Orientation
  • School Council Evaluation
  • Social Media
  • Spirit of service



Subject to any provincially or board mandated policies and/or regulations, the Council may raise funds that do not require incorporation to obtain (i.e.: not casinos, bingos, raffles, etc):

  1. The Council will, where possible, encourage the fundraising society to do the fundraising for the School, the Council and the School Community.
  2. Should the Council choose to fundraise, funds may be given to the society to track and record or may be deposited in a bank account operated by the fundraising society.
  3. Council funds given to the School will be subject to the School Board‘s policy on Council fundraising and/or School Generated Funds.



(a) Ecole Father Jan School Council will communicate regularly with the fundraising society to support their activities and to solicit support for School Council activities.

(b) Ecole Father Jan School Council can develop policy to promote a productive, open and transparent relationship with the fundraising society.

 The Council recognizes “Friend’s of Father Jan” as an organization separate from the Council. 

Friend’s of Father Jan will be governed by the bylaws established for the society

Friend’s of Father Jan shall coordinate all fundraising efforts on behalf of the Council. 

Funds raised by the society shall be applied to achieve the objectives of the Council.

The society shall disburse funds upon the resolution of the Council made at any regular, special or Annual General Meeting.

The Council recognizes and appreciates the efforts of other groups of Parents striving to support and enhance the educational opportunities in the School. 

The Council will communicate regularly with the fundraising society and/or other groups of Parents to support their activities and to solicit support for Council activities.

The Council may develop policies to promote a productive, open and transparent relationship with the fundraising society and/or other groups of Parents.


 All Ecole Father Jan School Council members shall:

1)     abide by the legislation that governs them

2)     be guided by the mission statement of the school and School Council

3)     endeavour to be familiar with school policies and operating practices and act in accordance with them

4)     practice the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth

5)     recognize and respect the personal integrity of each member of the school community

6)     declare any conflict of interest

7)     encourage a positive atmosphere in which individual contributions are encouraged and valued

8)     apply democratic principles

9)     consider the best interests of all students

10)  respect the confidential nature of some school business and respect limitations this may place on the operation of the School Council

11)  not disclose confidential information

12)  limit discussions at School Council meetings to matters of concern to the school community as a whole

13)  use the appropriate communication channels when questions or concerns arise

14)  promote high standards of ethical practice within the school community

15)  accept accountability for decisions

16)  not accept payment for School Council activities.


The School Council will apply every effort to resolve internal conflicts amicably.  If necessary, conflict resolution shall abide by the Conflict Resolution Procedures outlined in the most recent version of the School District’s Administrative Procedure 110 and Section 22 of the Education Act.

If at any time, ten (10) Parents or fifty per cent (50%) of the Executive members of the School Council are of the opinion that the School Council is in a state of conflict, such that its operation is significantly impaired, they may deliver a written request signed by them to all School Council members, and the following will apply;

a)     the Chair will call a Special Meeting of the School Council

b)     the Secretary will provide a minimum of five (5) days’ written notice to all parents of the date, time, place and purpose of the Special Meeting

c)     at the Special Meeting, parents in attendance will have an opportunity to hear and discuss the issues causing conflict

d)     on motion, seconded by any School Council member or parent in attendance at the Special Meeting, a vote shall be held respecting a proposed resolution to the conflict

e)     if a majority of parents and School Council members present vote in favour of the resolution proposed, the School Council will immediately act upon the resolution, as directed by the assembly


As per Alberta Provincial Legislation, specifically Section 22(9) of the Education Act, only the Minister of Education has the authority to dissolve a School Council.  If École Father Jan School Council is dissolved, the Principal may establish an advisory committee to perform the duties of the School Council until the next AGM and the Principal will perform the duties as outlined in Alberta Provincial Legislation with respect to the re-establishment of the École Father Jan School Council within 40 school days after the start of the next school year.


The Operating Procedures may be reviewed by the School Council on an annual basis. 

The School Council, by a majority vote of parents present at any Regular or Special or Annual General Meeting of the School Council, may, subject to Alberta Provincial Legislation, make any changes to these Operating Procedures deemed necessary in order to carry out its functions. Notice that provides the details of the intended changes will be provided to the school community no less than 5 school days prior to the meeting.

Approved by École Father Jan School Council at a Regular Meeting.

Chairperson: Katherine Milliken                               Date: Sept. 21/2021

Principal: Evan Holstein                                         Date: Sept. 21/2022