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EFJ School Council

Welcome to the EFJ School Council webpage!

A warm and fond “Hello!” from your EFJ School Council.

Your School Council Executives for this academic year are:

Katherine Milliken (Chair), Tim Reteff (Vice-Chair), Erika Kobewka (Secretary) 

Our School Council serves as the voice of the families of École Father Jan and as a vehicle to support meaningful parental involvement in decisions that affect the school and its operations.

Our EFJ School Council Mission Statement is to provide an advisory role in order to foster the well-being and effectiveness of our School, the School Community, and to enhance our students’ learning.

The Goals of the Council are to:

  • Represent the Parents’ perspective, by providing advice to and consulting with the principal and the board on matters relating to the school such as the school philosophy, mission and vision, policies, improvement plans, programs and directions, and budget allocations to meet student needs;
  • Stimulate continuous improvement in meaningful involvement by all members of the school community;
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication among participants of the school community;
  • Support an approach to education in which decisions are made collaboratively;
  • Facilitate a formal performance evaluation of our Council and communicate the results of this evaluation to the School Board and the school community;
  • Keep the School Board informed—in cooperation with the principal—of the needs of the school;
  • Encourage a positive atmosphere where individual contributions are encouraged and valued.

The roles served beyond attending monthly meetings are to oversee school council events on the Spirit of Service form, communicate and consult with parents and the school community and ensure that our children’s educational needs receive a voice and an ear.

A typical School Council meeting is held in the evening and involves reviewing and bringing to a close the previous month’s meeting and the bringing forward of any new business. The new business can involve anything from discussing budgets and fundraising to committee updates and school events.  Any person can request to add an agenda item prior to a monthly meeting by contacting the chair, who will then consult with the Executive team and Administration to deem its appropriateness. Administration reviews and discusses topics that are important for parents to be aware of, such as our school’s test results, initiatives being brought forward from our school board (GSACRD), school policies, education plans and school fees.  An elected trustee also attends most meetings with updates from the school board level. The goal is to ensure that the highest quality education is available to the students at École Father Jan; as well, it is important to note that School Council meetings are NOT a venue to air personal concerns or issues.                                                                          

We all need to get involved!  

Typically it will fall on the last Wednesday - however check our school calendar for dates! 

Contact information for School Council:

EFJ School Council does not fundraise on its own, but supports the Friends of École Father Jan Society. Please see Friends of Father Jan section.